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Tips for Mastering the Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft

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Do you know which games are the most played games in the world? Although there are hundreds of popular games, and the list is becoming longer every day, some games seem like they will never go out of style, nor will they stop being in the spotlight, when it comes to their popularity.

One of those games is most certainly ‐ the famous World of Warcraft. When did this game enter the world of gaming? According to many resources, this game was launched back in 2004, after some hard work by a team of 40 people that worked hard on the idea for a couple of years. When it first appeared, this game was revolutionary since it has a theme that is based on fantasy. But not any fantasy – it’s the storyline and the characters that we could have seen in Tolkien’s world and in Lewis’s world of imagination, full of unusual creatures such as villains, monsters or gods.

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This game is a game of strategy, and very shortly after it was launched, it started gaining popularity, not only locally but worldwide as well. What’s important to mention is the fact that it was created as a response to all the other games that were present on the market, and its main purpose was to provide people with something new, something different, and finally – something unique. Some of the already present games on the market in the nineties have inspired the developers and the designers of this game to put in more energy and effort and try to design a game that would make a difference on the gaming market and that would be more advanced and more enjoyable compared to everything that could be found at that time.

After a lot of improvisation and even more ideas, the initial ideas about this game has changed and evolved into something else, which was even more challenging and needed experts in both design and development. As the founders of this game often claim, all the problems were being sold on the go, and finding the right solutions is what helped this game stay alive for so long.

Today, 17 years later, you would think that there are other games that took over WOW and became better in many aspects. Although this is somewhat true, recent surveys have shown that the World of Warcraft, not only hasn’t been forgotten, but it is currently at the peak of its popularity and the number of copies sold ever! If it isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is!

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That being said, this game is still something that people enjoy playing. It has even been proven that players spend more time than ever before – playing the game and competing against other players. This could, of course, never be possible if the game hasn’t constantly been updated, which made it into what it is today. Not only does WOW connect so many people, making them work together on the same mission, but it is also extremely entertaining and it has enormous amounts of content, and a great focus on role playing. As you play this game, it only continues unveiling, revealing a world of fantasy that was even hard to imagine indulging in.

However, there’s one thing that players tremendously enjoyed, and have wanted ever since it was removed from the game, a couple of years ago, and that is the famous Mage Tower. But what is Mage Tower anyway? This is actually a building from which you can play dungeons and raids. You can build on the Broken shore, and as soon as you finish constructing it, you will be able to access many options that this game offers. What are some of these options? You will be able to enter several challenges that will really test your skills, you will be able to get portals that will allow you to be faster than other players, and finally, you will be able to get tokens and weapon models etc.

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Considering the fact that this solo challenge has such a significant impact on the game, after 4 years, a big comeback of Mage Tower has been announced. Although we can’t expect it to be the same as the solo challenge it was before, we could easily say that people are more than excited about this comeback. The reason behind this is the fact that Mage Tower challenge boost is something that can really help upgrade your game character in many ways.