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Checkout X Review – Increase WooCommerce Sales With This Plugin


“WooCommerce Checkout Verification” Plugin allows you to easily allow your customers to complete a checkout and verify a personal email address or other information. This is a quick and easy security measure that will protect against shoplifting and will prevent customers from committing fraud. The plugin is completely free and it can be installed directly within the product’s settings.

The WooCommerce plugin Checkout X can add extra features to your WooCommerce order pages such as choosing from several payment methods, changing the order date, and even allowing the customer to pay via PayPal. In this post I go through the plugin, and show how you can use it to increase your WooCommerce store’s sales.

WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that lets you manage your online store and sell all sorts of items. With over 15 million installs, it’s one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce sites. If you’re just starting out in eCommerce or you’re a seasoned pro, there are a lot of good reasons to use WooCommerce.

Checkout X is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that promises to help you improve sales on your WordPress WooCommerce store. It is a bold statement that many others have made in the past and no doubt many others will make in the future.

So what makes Checkout X so unique? Is this an interesting tool to improve WooCommerce sales?

There was only one way to find out.

We recently installed it on one of our sites for testing. Find out what we think in this in-depth review of Checkout X.

Receipt of cash X

Immediately after installing the Checkout X WooCommerce tool, there are two obvious things to consider.

The first is the price, or rather the lack of price. The second is the unique approach.

Order X Prices

The company offers a completely free and unconditional version of its service, ideal for new startups and companies with increasing growth.

This gives you access to all the standard features of Checkout X (more on that later), but also the ability to generate up to $1,000 in additional sales without paying a cent.

For larger businesses paid more than £1,000 per month, an unlimited plan at £39 may be more appropriate.

This allows for unlimited upsells with a 5% markup for each upsell after the first 1,000 free.

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Finally, for e-commerce retailers with a turnover of more than EUR 25 000, the platinum rate provides for a 2.5% allowance for price increases above the first EUR 1 000.

Both current plans also include a number of useful additional features, including access to chat support and the removal of the Checkout X mark, which can be very important for maintaining a professional appearance.

Software-as-a-Service approach

Another thing we like about Checkout X is that it works differently.

Many of the tools that promise to improve your store come in the form of WooCommerce plugins, which put an extra burden on your hosting server.

While a single plugin may not do much damage, an extensive library of heavy plugins can slow down your site.

One of the big advantages of Checkout X is that although you have to install the plugin, it is very lightweight and only serves to connect your website to the software. All the hard work is done on the servers of Checkout X.

Of course, this means you get all the benefits of a powerful upselling tool without having to devote resources to it.

Cash register operation X

What makes the platform even more attractive is its user-friendliness.

From the home page, go to the registration page and register your account.

In our experiment it took less than a minute and it couldn’t be simpler.

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After you sign up, click Next Step and choose whether you want to connect the platform to your WooCommerce site or your Shopify store.

Since WPlift is all about WordPress, we naturally chose the WooCommerce option.

It’s a good thing Checkout X no longer works on Shopify sites due to changes in Shopify’s terms and conditions.

Connect Checkout X to your WooCommerce store

On the next screen, enter the domain name of your WooCommerce store and click Connect Checkout X.

You need to approve access so the tool can do what it needs to do, and then you can use it to work in your business.

Configuration Wizard

The program continues to impress with a simple four-step installation wizard, making it easy to use.

The four steps are as follows.

1. Install the plug-in

It’s as simple as clicking on the Open WordPress link to install the plugin, which will take you directly to the Checkout X page in the WordPress plugin directory.

Install it like any other plugin, and when you’re done, return to the wizard and click Verify Installation.

2. Add to shipping rates

Then use a simple tool to add shipping rates and set shipping terms. For example, you can choose different rates for international shipping, offer discounts or free shipping for orders over $100, or choose any other option that works for you and your business.

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3. Add payment methods

The third setting option allows you to choose one of several payment methods.

All the usual options are there, including Stripe, Klarna, PayPal, card payments, cash on delivery and more, so you’ll be well prepared for how you prefer to accept payments.

4. Preview and publish

Once you’re happy with everything, you can review and publish your Checkout X experience and you’re ready to go.

Cash Register setting X Cash Register

We find it a bit confusing that Checkout X has no tab for customizing the checkout in the first four steps of the setup wizard. Of course, it’s a good idea to record them right before publishing and previewing.

However, it’s not too hard to find and can be used to customize the look of your registry to better reflect your brand.

In this tab, you can not only change the colors and add a logo, but also links to the privacy policy, terms and conditions[1] and other important elements.

How Checkout X improves your sales in WooCommerce

Once the installation process is complete, it’s time to discover the real benefits of Checkout X.

All in all, there are four ways CheckoutX boosts your WooCommerce sales. These include:

1. Return of abandoned baskets

Adding some sort of abandoned cart management tool to your website is a proven way to get customers to come back, make a purchase and increase your sales.

So it’s nice to see Checkout X include this option and save you from installing an additional abandoned cart plugin.

On this tab, you can draft the message you want to send to those who have left their cart and specify when you want the message to be sent, ultimately automating the entire process for you.

2. Sales after acquisition

The ability to drive sales is a key benefit of Checkout X, and for good reason:

This tool makes it incredibly easy to set up multiple offers to drive sales based on what people are buying.

You can use it to trigger an upsell when a customer decides to buy a particular product.

For example, if they add a battery-powered device to their shopping cart, it may trigger an offer to sell replacement batteries.

If they buy a nice top in your fashion store, it can trigger a sale for a matching skirt.

Not that you’re limited to one product per upsell.

A customer buying new kitchen appliances may be offered several additional accessories from the same range, and a gamer buying the latest gaming console may be offered several games.

3. Purchase link

If you want to encourage shoppers to go directly to checkout for popular items, you can add a direct purchase link.

If you have created a discount code in WooCommerce, you can also use it to entice customers to buy directly by promising them, for example, 20% off or free shipping if they buy now.

4. Automatic conversion optimization

Checkout X is constantly working on its payment platform, optimizing its performance and functionality to achieve the best results. These optimizations are automatically integrated into your e-commerce store, so you can rest assured that your site will always provide an optimal checkout experience, without you having to lift a finger.

Characteristics of the species X

The three main features above are great for increasing your e-commerce store sales, but the benefits of this tool don’t stop there.

Checkout X is a gift that never fails to excite with a host of additional features, such as. B :

  • Intuitive dashboard for tracking sales, resales and conversion rates
  • Multiple language options and custom translations for foreign users
  • Integration with Facebook and Google Ads for better conversion tracking
  • Integration with Mailchimp to further improve the recovery of aborted shopping carts.
  • Ability to add custom information sections
  • Optimized ordering process for mobile devices
  • Options for assignment parameters
  • Automatic discounts.

Output X: A simple and effective way to increase online sales

We began this review by asking what makes Checkout X special in a market flooded with e-commerce efficiency applications.

We conclude with two simple answers to this question:


There are many things that make Checkout X special. Upselling features alone are easier to manage and more effective than many others we’ve seen. The ability to create custom checkout experiences, automatic discounts, and cart abandonment emails also means you don’t have to install multiple WordPress plugins for each task.

Even the one plugin you need to install is incredibly simple, and most of the work is done on Checkout X’s servers, not yours.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free to download, install and use with no restrictions whatsoever?

Add it all up and you have a very interesting addition to any growing e-commerce site.

Try the X cash register

The WooCommerce plugin installer is a tool that simplifies the installation of plugins in WordPress. It’s one of the most widely used plugins for ecommerce sites, as it makes it easy to create new or edit existing products.. Read more about checkout conversion rate and let us know what you think.

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