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10 Reasons Why Curacao Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

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Curacao is a Caribbean island that was previously part of the Netherlands Antilles, and is located in the southern part of the Leeward Islands. Its capital city is Willemstad and its total land area is approximately 444 square kilometers. Curacao is known for its beautiful beaches, unexploited underwater beauty, and historical sights.

The island is divided into six resorts with different tourist attractions. It also has an uninhabited part called the Klein Curacao (Small Curacao., which is used as a nature reserve. The most famous of which is Columbus Lighthouse or also called Punta Del Mastate that looks like the Eiffel Tower at Paris; Fort Beekenburg that was built to defend against smugglers; Christoffel Park featuring flora and fauna under the protection of the government; Mambo Zoo where you can meet over 400 kinds of animals; Museum Kura Hulanda exhibiting colonial Artifacts; Melville Hall Market offering local products for sale; and the Curacao Underwater Marine Park, popularly known as the Waaigat.

History of Curacao

Curacao is rich in historical attractions. It used to be the main destination of pirates during the mid-1600s. When it was part of Netherlands Antilles, Curacao was then known as the capital city that attracted investors from across the globe. You can visit the historical sights by taking a tour at Punda and Otrobanda.

History of Curacao – Timeline

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According to history books, Curacao was discovered by Alonso de Ojeda (1466. and Amerigo Vespucci (1499.. It was one of those islands that were colonized during the 1500s as it was believed to be the island where King Solomon buried his gold. The Dutch West Indies Company took over in 1634. In 1954, Curacao became an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Today, it is known as one of the most important tourist destinations in Latin America with its rich culture, heritage sites, and natural attractions.

Why To Visit Curacao

If you are planning to visit Curacao for your next holiday destination, then this article will show you 10 reasons why it should be one of your options:

Here we present our top 10 reasons why you should consider visiting Curacao on your next holiday:

1. Beautiful Nature That Will Take Your Breath Away

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One thing that makes Curaçao famous among other destinations is its amazing nature. The island has one-third of its surface covered in mangroves, making it the largest area in the Caribbean. The marine park that stretches across 4500 hectares is also another great reason to visit Curacao.

2. The Amazing Underwater World Also Makes It Special

If you are fascinated by the underwater world, then you will love Curaçao. You can find amazing flora and fauna underwater during your scuba diving or snorkeling activities. Among these are species like sea turtles, angelfish, moray eels, barracudas, and octopuses.

3. Different Kinds Of Activities To Do

Curacao offers many kinds of fun activities for visitors who want to enjoy their holiday here. You can scuba dive, snorkel, windsurf, do kayaking, jet ski or just simply relax by the beach.

4. The Vibrant Culture You Will Love To Experience

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Curaçao is also called as Curaçao Créole because of its cultural blend due to the influence of several cultures like Dutch, African and Latin American cultures. Because of this reason, you can see different architecture here that will make your holiday more enjoyable.

5. Delicious Food To Try Out While Visiting Curacao

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The local food in Curacao does not only offer variety but they are also delicious. One example is the keshi yena which is a blend between Gouda cheese and meat or fish. There are also other food items that you should try out like Dutch, Indian and Latin American cuisines which will certainly give you amazing dining experience.

6. Cruise Ship Destination That You Must Not Miss Visiting

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Because Curacao is located in one of the busiest sea routes between Europe and South America, it makes the island a popular stopover for cruise ships. This is one of the reasons why you must not miss visiting Curaçao if you love to explore different places by ship.

7. Curacao Has A Lot To Offer For Tourists Who Love Shopping

The vibrant culture of Curaçao also comes with colorful buildings where locals sell their local products like handicrafts, souvenirs, t-shirts, and various mementos. You can also check out the colorful floating market called Marken that operates every Tuesday and Friday where it is located in Schottegat.

8. A Place For People Who Are Keen On Nature And Adventure

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If you are a nature lover, then Curaçao will be an ideal destination for you to go on vacation. It is because the island has one of the best diving spots which are said to have one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The marine park offers many activities including scuba diving, snorkeling just to name a few among others.

9. Peaceful Environment That Will Make You Feel Relaxed

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One thing about Curacao that makes this place very special compared to other destinations is the peaceful environment that can be felt here. You will love to see how people living in Curaçao live happily and carefree without worrying too much about what they need to do.

10. Shopping, Eating And Relaxing At The Same Place With Few Steps

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One thing that makes Curaçao very special for tourists is its unique characteristic where you can do many things at once like shopping, eating, and relaxing, all within few steps of each other. There are also popular malls like Porto Mari or Mega Plaza which offer various shops selling local products plus various dining options. At night there are also bars where you can have a drink with your friends.


There are many reasons why Curacao is a great place to go for your next holiday. If you need help in planning a tour or trip you can visit curacao-trips.com for mrTo name a few, the island offers amazing scuba diving and snorkeling spots, vibrant culture that you can enjoy from seeing different architecture around the area. You will also appreciate the peaceful environment of this Caribbean island plus many fun activities that you can do here.