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Rise And Grind: Borderlands 3 Side Mission Guide


Side quests are one of the things Borderlands 3 is known for, and they’re even more fun this time around. They add a level of complexity that Borderlands 2’s have lacked, and they can turn out to be the most challenging and rewarding experience in the game.

I recently got sucked back into the Borderlands series, and have been playing through the previous titles on the new Xbox One X. While I enjoy the new Borderlands games, the series is starting to show its age, even on current-gen consoles. As a result, when Borderlands 3 was announced, I had mixed feelings. While I was excited to see more of the new characters and see them on a new generation of consoles, I also felt the series was starting to stagnate. And then, the announcement of the side mission DLC came out, and Borderlands is back to being the game I know and love.

Borderlands 3 has been out for a while now, and the community has put together a well-written, detailed guide to all of the main and side missions in the game. However, for all of their work, some side missions that occurred during campaign playthroughs are still missing from the guide. This is where Rise and Grind comes in: it’s a step-by-step walkthrough of eight missions from the game that have yet to appear in the guide.

Rise and Grind is a side quest available in the Promethean game of Borderlands 3.

The goal is to help Lorelei get a cup of coffee, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Here’s a brief introduction to Rise and Grind in Borderlands 3.

Recommended level: 12 years and older.

Request for services

Go to the Rise and Grind website. Request the barista robot service via the button.

The robot will not be able to serve coffee because it needs a power source to make it work.

Kill Papa Kern

Find Core Daddy, the enemy bot.

Destroy the robot and get the energy core.

Inserting power core

Return to Rise and Grind to insert the energy core into the chain.

Restart Rise and Grind by pressing the button again.

Search order Malivan

Again: The robot cannot serve coffee because it needs a coffee cup.

To get the trophy, find Commander Malivan who carries the trophy.

To get him out, kill all the enemies in this area.

Malivan’s commander doesn’t show up. One of his subordinates with the chalice will appear in his place.

Kill the robot and get the coffee cup.

Increased protection and crushing

When you get back to Rise and Grind, Malivan’s troops will be nearby. Turn them all off.

Place the cup with food.

Get a coffee and bring it to Lorelei.

Help protect the atlas

As soon as you return to Lorelei, you are attacked by Commander Malivan and his troops.

Destroy them all.

Back to the Lorelei

Talk to Lorelei to complete the assignment. You get a plate and money.

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