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4 Best Instagram Growth Strategies That Will Help You Engage Your Audience

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Brand building and business development nowadays imply a constant presence on social networks. Instagram is one of the platforms that has proven to be especially beneficial for supporting business and making a profit.

However, if you want to use the potential of this network it is necessary not only to be there and upload photos, but also to optimally engage your followers. That means you need their likes, comments, and saves to really accomplish what you envisioned for your business. Here are some of the best Instagram growth strategies to help you engage your audience to build the business you want.

What exactly is Instagram engagement?

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It seems that nowadays everyone is talking about Instagram engagement and reach. But if you’re not familiar enough with this platform it can be hard for you to understand what it’s all about. In short, Instagram engagement involves the interaction your audience has with your content. This can be achieved with the help of likes, shares, comments, saves, tags, hashtags and other tools available on this social media today.

These interactions show that, not only do you create the content, but also that your followers react to it and have something to say about it. This further indicates the influence you have on Instagram and that your presence is really valuable for this platform. The higher the engagement, the greater the chances that the Instagram algorithm will ‘push’ your posts and try to put you in the foreground.

Strategies that will help you engage your Instagram audience

1. Find the best time to post

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We believe it sounds pretty logical that you should post on Instagram when your audience is most active on this network. However, how will you know when to post if you have not delved deeper into the habits and activity of your followers. Each brand has its own unique audience, with behaviors and habits that are specific to it.

You can’t know when your audience is most present on Instagram if you don’t research it first. So we suggest you take the time to get into your Instagram analytics more deeply and figure out when people are most present and when it will be the best time for you to share your content with them.

Why is it important to implement this strategy? Because, in case you post at the right time, your followers will show a huge engagement in a short time, and that is exactly what Instagram likes the most.

The Instagram algorithm prefers those posts to which a big audience responds quickly because it indicates valuable content. And that’s why he pushes such content further, to reach an even bigger number of people. This is a real example of organic marketing that is very effective. And all because you posted at the right time. Crazy, right?

2. Use story features to communicate to your followers

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A great way to encourage people to interact with you is to use the available Instagram features. These are: ask questions template, quizz, poll, and others. Using these tools can be very fruitful and stimulate a large number of people to communicate with you.

Instagram story is a form that has been shown to be very beneficial when it comes to building a brand. Through it, people get the opportunity to get to know you better and also often have the impression of a direct conversation.

And when you get close enough to them, they will be happy to chat with you through these features. Once you reach having a high-engagement audience, you can expect other benefits that Instagram will offer you because of the quality of the content you have.

3. Ask an expert to help you

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In case the world of social media is completely unknown to you and you do not understand where to start from, we believe that you are very confused. And not only that, but who knows how long it will take to achieve the results you want for your business. In such situations, we recommend that, instead of worrying that you do not have the knowledge and skills you need, hire an expert who has them.

Nowadays, a large number of social media agencies are available to you that know what they are doing and can help you reach the engagement of your followers that you want. And not only to reach it, but do it in a short time. We suggest that you take the time to find a reliable and professional social media agency that will ensure that you build an authentic brand on Instagram very quickly and progress at the speed you want.

4. Be authentic

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While there are many strategies you can apply to stimulate people to interact with you, one of the best is definitely to be authentic. This means that we recommend that you build a unique brand that is based on your personal values.

People love when they can connect with a brand and when they feel that the right person is behind it, with the right emotions and struggles that they also go through. True values are always a good way to go when building your brand. The best way to engage your followers is to be honest and show interest in them. They will surely reciprocate.

Most people can feel when someone is lying to them and pretending and need to run away as soon as they feel fake energy. So, we do not recommend that you put tactics in front of sincere emotions and motives. No one wants someone to tell them an insincere story with the goal of selling their product or service. And as soon as they feel this, they will run away without looking back. Be authentic and speak your truth. Only then you can expect positive reactions and great engagement from your audience.


Successful business development and building an authentic brand nowadays is almost impossible without a presence on social media. And of course, it’s not enough to just be there and create content, but to have an audience that’s engaged and really cares about what you do. You can achieve the desired engagement of the audience by using many different strategies, and we suggest that you choose the one that is your favorite and go with it.