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6 Tips to Keep Your Succulent Alive During Winter

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When it comes to succulents, different people have different opinions. However, everyone is concerned only about growing these plants successfully. If you too are fond of growing succulents but are scared that they may not survive through the winter season, we have got your back.

While buying, ensure to buy the best species available in the market since they stay strong during the rough season. Some of the available choices include aloe vera, burro’s tail, hens, snake plant, etc.

With no further ado, we will straightaway head towards a few tips that will keep your tiny mates green and healthy even during the winter season.

1. Place Them In A Spot That Receives Direct Sunlight:

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No denying the fact, sunlight is critical, even for the succulents. Find a corner where they will receive adequate sunlight throughout the winter season. That said, we recommend exposing them to the southern side. Though they require less sunlight during the winter season, you need to ensure that they get at least three to four hours a day.

2. Feed Them Less Often:

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The Winter season is the dormant month for succulents and they don’t prefer being overfed during this time. They grow actively during the warmer months and require fertilizers and other necessary nutrients during that time only. If you add fertilizers during the colder months, their leaves may get soft. It increases the chances of falling off and remember they are not actively growing during this time.

3. Ensure Proper Drainage:

While potting your succulent, do it thoughtfully. That said, plan the potting in such a way that the extra water gets drained out. It’s better when their roots stay soaked in water and they also want adequate drainage. During the winter season, avoid making them sit in glass planters and make them sit in soggy soil.

4. De-bug Your Plant As and When Required:

Always check for the formation of tiny cotton ball-like things, beneath your succulent leaves. They usually occur in the portion where the leaves meet the stem. They are bugs, and you can easily get rid of them by spraying a mixture made with rubbing alcohol and water. Start with diluting a small portion of rubbing alcohol.

5. Expect Loss of Leaf:

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When you have succulents, you shouldn’t obsess over outer leaves. The lowest leaves of these plants often dry out and fall off. However, you are not required to be concerned over that, since lower leaves dry out during the summer months as well, it is part of the growth cycle of the leaves.

6. Water Withhold:

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Resist yourself from overwatering the plant. As discussed, they don’t grow actively during the winter season and hence don’t require enough water. Watering them once every four to six weeks is enough for their slow growth. When watering them, use the same trick as you do during the other seasons. Keep their roots soaked in water.


Succulents can survive through the winter season as well, if taken care of, adequately. The above-mentioned tips will help you take good care of your succulents.