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5 Clear Signs That Your Lingerie Doesn’t Fit You

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Being a female is tough, and it has been tough for ages. You had to fulfil a role of a stay at home woman, you had to take care of everything, you had to take care of kids and husband and on top of all that you had to look good.

Women are truly a blessing from good and their beauty is shown throughout many different aspects. Many women proudly wear their outer beauty and they manage to complement it with all kinds of things – from accessories to clothes to lingerie. Numerous things make a woman what she is and these things we just mentioned are just one part of the whole story, you can look at it as an external part.

Today we will discuss those external beauty accessories, more specifically a bit intimate part of it. Lingerie is a really big part of both worlds – both female and male. Some wear it because it feels good. After all, it looks nice, because it asserts certain body parts more than others.

Others wear it whenever they intend to awe their significant other or to spice things up a bit. Whatever the reason might be, some wear lingerie the wrong way and today we will discuss a bit about that. Click here for more and keep on reading.

Whenever we discuss bad-fitting lingerie or wearing it wrong it always comes down to the upper part of it because wearing panties that don’t fit you is so obvious and so difficult to pull off because it is generally uncomfortable. Because of that reason, we will focus more on the bra part of the lingerie and we will tell you what are the signs that show the bra doesn’t fit you.

1. Try to get your bra size measured

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A number one mistake ladies make whenever shopping for lingerie is going to places where they can’t get measured and properly fitted. This is important because this way you always know what you need on the spot.

Plus, there are workers there that will do the measuring and tell you what suits you best given the info they get. Believe it or not, most women guess their bra size based on some general info and based on what they previously worn and thought that fits them well.

Sometimes just because everything sits where it needs to sit comfortably doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Bra sizing can be different and it all depends on how cups and bands work out for each individual.

2. Try it on

Most tend to go shopping and just get that out of the way. What you all forget is that you need to try everything on to see just how it firs. This especially goes for things that you are buying for the first time.

Lingerie is just like that every time you go to buy some there is something new, sexier, more provocative and before you buy it you should really try it on and see if it is you mainly, and then if it fits well in places that matter.

Whenever you are changing styles you have to consider that they are never the same and something that fitted nicely previously doesn’t have to fit that good with the new style you are going with.

3. Body structure matters

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Whenever shopping for clothes, or in this case lingerie, what fits on one doesn’t need to fit well on you. We are all built and shaped differently and we all have something that looks good on us particularly.

This is something you have to have in mind especially with lingerie because your dimensions are just yours and you need something to complement them not make them look ugly. Learn about your waist size, your breast size, your thighs, your bikini region and you will never have a problem with choosing the right lingerie.

4. Tight marks

Whenever buying clothes, lingerie or underwear a good rule of thumb is that you should never experience markings on your skin that are a product of your clothes being too tight on your body. This will lead to chafing, pain and general discomfort and that is not the prime task of lingerie.

Whatever type of lingerie you like you should feel free and comfortable in it, it should slide on and off easily and you should be able to enjoy it. If you have spillages from the bra, or marks around your bikini area and stomach/waist you are doing something wrong for sure.

5. Placement

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When your bra or other parts of the lingerie aren’t standing where they are supposed to then you probably went too big or too small. Big lingerie is easier to notice because everything will be falling down or not sitting in its place. If your bra straps are falling constantly the bra is too big, if the front isn’t in line with the back of your bra then you probably went too small or too tight.

There is also a possibility of straps digging into your shoulders which is the spot on sign that your bra is not fitting properly. That kind of look doesn’t compliment nor you nor your lingerie and you should rethink the next purchase.

After all said and done we hope that you picked up on these signs and these pieces of advice for your next purchase. As we stated several times in the article whether you are buying lingerie for you specifically or for the significant other, meaning for fun or because you like it, you should always consider buying something that will compliment who you are and how you look.

In the see of different designs and applications, it is easy to be confused and buy something you think looks good but when you see it on, the reality is different. This is why you need to know your body good and why you need to shop where sellers and experts can tell you what fits you best in size or design. Always compliment your body never buy because it looks good. Even some outdated lingerie pieces can look awesome on a confident person and a body meant for it.