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5 Things You Need to Know About the Sponsorship Licence Application

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Do you have plans of applying for the sponsorship licence and have begun a search to learn about critical details? Here is our brief guide on the essential things that you need to know about this application.

Sponsorship Licence Application

In the current scenario, the Tier 2 sponsorship licence is a tool to enable companies to assign qualified employees from foreign countries. Keep in mind that UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) already informed that having this licence is not a right that everybody can have. Instead, it is special ownership that makes it easy to employ foreign workers.

1. Not Everyone Is Eligible To Apply

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As we said previously, this licence is more like a privilege. Due to that, there are specific eligibility standards. Hence, only the corporations that meet the requirements can submit the application. Generally speaking, only the registered companies can obtain it, but there are some exceptions in the regulations because of which a few trading individuals have the privilege to receive this permission.

Besides that, it is impossible to obtain this licence for your institution in the below situations.

  • If this licence of the corporation was overruled in the last 12 months before filing the application.
  • If your corporation is under prohibition for violations of the British immigration ordinances.
  • If your business is a part of any criminal actions, for example, untrue practices, money laundering, and others.

2. Application Processing Time

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After submitting the application, you can expect the result within eight to ten weeks from UKVI. However, there can be a delay depending on the situation. Special compliance officers from UKVI will reach you for the pre-licence visit. Unlike in some other places, this visit is relatively common.

3. Difference In Application Price

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If your firm is recognized as a small or charitable sponsor, the application fee is approximately £536. However, for companies that have medium or large sponsorship, the cost goes up to £1,476.

4. Limited Four-year Validity

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If you become the licenced sponsor, remember to renew it one time every four years. It is because the licence is invalid after the duration of four years from the date you got it.

5. Licenced Sponsor Duties

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There are specific duties which the sponsor has to fulfil regularly. In case of any misconduct, the licence will be subject to denial.

  • Handle the immigration process of workers from foreign countries.
  • Maintain the vital document copies given by those employees, which also includes extra sets of education, passport(s), and professional qualification certificates.
  • Track and keep the record of the existence of the employees during work.
  • Edit and correct the contact information of the workers.
  • Inform the official immigration councils quickly related to the upcoming difficulties.


To summarize this guide, a sponsor licence will give you the authority to legally hire skilled workers from other countries for your business in the United Kingdom. Hence, this licence holds quite a lot of importance, so if you have not received it yet, make sure to apply for it.