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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Website From Scratch

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The majority of your competitors’ web pages not just look beautiful, but also have a bunch of great features and functions. The work they put into such websites has a purpose, the most important of which is to draw visitors.

If your site isn’t nearly as well-designed or thought-out, you may have found that traffic has never quite matched your goals, or that the number of visitors has been declining for some time. In any scenario, you may have slipped into one of the several pitfalls that site designers want to avoid. The best solution in such a scenario is to reach out to the best web design agency. They will help you in designing your website in the best possible manner.

We’ve prepared a list of 5 major design flaws that could be limiting the potential of your site, so you can avoid them. So, without more ado, let’s get started!

1. It Takes Too Long for Your Webpage to Load

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If your website is taking a long time to run, some design components need to be reviewed. The greater the quality for your users, the quicker your site runs. There are many tools available to assist you to pace up your website, so we’ll just go over the basics to get you going.

First of all and foremost, you should think about optimizing your site’s photos, mainly on the front page. Nothing turns off visitors quicker than a homepage with slow-loading photos and graphics, so reduce the size of the images and optimize your content whenever possible.

Complex plugins, styles, and modules might also delay the loading of your page. Upgrading these parts to newer versions will help you get things done faster, especially if you haven’t done so in a long time.

Ensure to test extensively before updating your online site, just in case there have been any differences in the way the plugins interact with your site. This way, you can ensure nothing’s been lost as a result of the upgrades, and you can adopt the changes after thoroughly testing them.

2. You don’t have a mobile-friendly webpage

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You’re losing a lot of visitors if your website isn’t mobile friendly, flexible, and scaled nicely to a smaller device. It’s because people on cell phones will exit your site if they are unable to access or read its content properly.

According to Statista, phone users accounted for roughly 52.4 percent of total web browsing traffic in the third period of 2018.

That implies that more than 50% of your readers want you to provide a high-quality user experience, therefore you’ll need to make sure you can exceed their demands if you want to keep this large group of users involved with your content.

3. Ineffective design and/or layout

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Your website must be functional for your users, especially if you want them to fulfill a certain goal, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing something from your store.

If you’ve not explored this, it’s likely that the path across your website hasn’t been properly laid out and created for your visitors. This usually leads to users getting lost in a cycle where they are unable to understand your content, resulting in them leaving your site.

If you’re seeing a drop in users or poor user engagement, take a look at how your layout design aspects are currently built. If your panel layouts are unclear and frustrating, you risk misleading and upsetting your readers.

Users have more options than ever, so if your website does not provide them with all they seek, they will almost likely seek out another option.

4. There is a Call to Action that you are overlooking

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This idea builds on the previous one and goes a step further. If you’re gaining a lot of visitors but not meeting your goals, such as making sales or joining up for a free trial, it’s possible that you’re not guiding your users correctly.

Adopting and keeping clear your Call to Action is the greatest and most successful approach to achieve this. This is the main reason why your visitors came to your site in the first place.

Ensure you’re being very clear about what you want them to perform and that they’re capable of doing the tasks you’ve set for them.

Because it converts a user into a customer or follower, this technique is often referred to as conversion marketing in sales. To optimize your customer and user training process, try introducing these conversion rate optimization.

The action that a new user is expected to do will be defined by your overall strategy. Do you need them to be avid readers who interact with your content and connect with you, or would you like them to enroll up and start buying things? Whatever you choose, make completely sure your plan is solid and that you are able to carry it out.

5. You’re missing out on SEO and analytics

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Treatment is required to treat an issue. The finest testing methods for your website’s appeal are SEO and analytics, which will inform you how well that is performing in terms of rank and placing.

Since the 2nd and 3rd pages of a search engine results listing are far less prone to be seen, SEO will ensure that your website shows way higher on the search engine results pages. The SEO experts at https://linkflow.ai/ can help your site move up in the rankings.

Analytics may also tell you how long the average person spends on your page and what they do on the page. This is an excellent approach to see how the new pieces you’ve added to your page are behaving and if people are seeing them in the way you expect.

Once they exit your site, you can also check out what they’re up to. If you notice that many of the similar acts are being performed immediately before a user logs off or shuts a web browser, you might be able to figure out what’s causing the problem and address it.

Final Words

Many web hosts are yet to master these basics, and this delay means they are possibly losing new clients and followers, which might have a big impact on their business. Whether any of these problems ring true, make the necessary changes as quickly as possible; you’ll be glad you did.