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How Much Money Does Gov. Rick Scott Spend on Political Consultants

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We all know important the job of political consultants is, and how they can affect the whole system and the future of the country. When we choose one person to represent us, no matter if they are a president, prime minister, or if they are part of the Senate, all of them are going to have their consultants to help with the most vital questions. It is known that some politicians spend a lot of money on their assistants, and here we are going to talk about Rick Scott and his choices. Keep on reading to find out how much money does Gov. Rick Scott spends on political consultants.

Scott’s spending habits

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If you know anything about Rick Scott, you probably know that he is one of the infamous politicians who have spent too much money on their campaigns. Some have even said that if it wasn’t for his cash, he would not have an as rich political career as he does now.

During his campaigns for the 2010 elections as a governor of Florida, along with the elections in 2014, there were rumors that he spent more than 5 million dollars on his first campaign and almost 15 million on the second.

When it comes to his seat in the Senate, people said that he spent more than 60 million dollars just to be able to get that position. Even though these things have been mainly allegations. Scott has been remembered as a politician who uses his money and power to make things happen or to make allegations disappear.

Rick has been tied to different taboos and allegations, and the Scott Jason Cooper case has been just one of them. During his career, he’s had more than a few stains on his name, but even though not everyone likes him, he keeps winning elections and making the right choices for his supporters.


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To be able to make the right decision for his supporters and the people who gave their vote for Rick, he has to hire political consultants that will help him during tough times.

It is said that the consultants are the people who aid the most from the background and that most of the biggest politicians would have far worse careers if it wasn’t for their advisors.

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There have been different allegations and stories about the exact sum that Scott has spent on his advisors, and most of the sources suggest that he had spent close to half a million dollars on his advisors during his role as a governor for Florida. Even though this has not been officially confirmed, rumors say that this sum may even be double.

As you can see, Rick Scott is not a person who is afraid to spend money on things that can help his career and can take him to the next step of the ladder. Even though there are no exact records and confirmed details on his spending habits, it is safe to say that he is one of the politicians who are not shy about spending a lot to get what they want.