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What Is The Best Method To Brew Coffee At Home – 2024 Guide

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Oh, coffee… everyone’s favorite drink. It keeps us awake, gives us concentration, and makes us appreciate our mornings more, as well as gain unforgettable memories with our loved ones. A magic drink, indeed. Every coffee lover has their favorite brewing method, depending on the taste they like and the coffee strength they need to get through the day. Since there are several different methods for coffee brewing, the logical question that follows is: which one is the best? Below you can read more about coffee brewing methods and become a better coffee connoisseur.

How many methods of coffee brewing are there and which one is the best?

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There are so many techniques and methods for coffee brewing that it is really difficult to even classify them. However, if we want to mention a few of the most popular ones, there are French press, method of coffee brewing using a coffee machine, drip coffee, Aeropress, and cold brew. Each of them has its advantages, so we can hardly single out one as the best.

At the end of the day, each method is used equally often, is present in cafes and bars, and has its fans. If you want to decide for yourself which coffee brew technique is absolutely best, we advise you to give each one an opportunity, test them in detail, and then make your own judgment. But first, you need to get familiar with all of them.

Coffee brewing methods

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1. French press

The first method of coffee preparation that we will talk about is the one that involves the use of the French press. This is one very popular traditional way of making coffee by which the coffee is ready in just a few minutes and then you can enjoy its magical taste. Like any other method of coffee brewing, this one provides coffee with a completely unique and different taste, so it is necessary to try it and decide for yourself if it works for you.

The principle on which the French press is based is to add coffee beans to a suitable machine, and then press hot water through the precipitate. Allow a few minutes for the caffeine and coffee-flavoring substances to be extracted, then pour into a cup and indulge.

Note: The main thing to pay attention to with the French press coffee brewing method is that the extraction time is optimal (usually about five minutes). If the extraction process takes too long, the coffee can become very harsh and bitter, so you don’t want to overdo it.

2. Aeropress

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AeroPress is another of the coffee making methods, which is used more and more often nowadays. It was created as an upgrade of the French press method. It involves the preparation of coffee in two stages: soaking the coffee grounds with water and then pushing the beverage through the coffee grounds one more time to extract additional substances that will provide a fuller aroma. We can say that coffee prepared in this way has more body, which is logical considering that it has more aromatic substances.

Depending on what kind of coffee you prefer, you can prepare a stronger or weaker one, but you can also dilute the fuller-tasting coffee with water and milk so that you get the Americano and Cappuccino analogs.

3. Espresso machine

Perhaps the most popular method of making coffee that is available in most homes, as well as in all restaurants and cafes around the world, is one that involves the use of an espresso machine. Is there anything more practical than making coffee at the touch of a button? Probably not. Besides, you can prepare any espresso-based coffee you like: standard espresso, double espresso, cappuccino, americano, latte, and a million other variations. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires a slightly larger initial investment, as well as regular thorough cleaning (which can take a long time), but espresso is your favorite coffee you shouldn’t think twice about whether to get an espresso machine for your home, just go for it.

4. Drip coffee

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Another very well-known and common method of coffee making is drip coffee, which involves the use of filters. Coffee beans are placed in the filter, and then they are poured over with hot water, which extracts all the important substances and drips into the container below. This method gives you a coffee with a specific, light taste with a high percentage of caffeine, so it will definitely help you get through the day. Materials such as paper or metal are usually used for the filter. What we have to mention is that if you want a delicious filter coffee in your home it is that it is necessary to invest in good equipment in order to get above average instead of coffee which is nothing special.

5. Cold-brew

The favorite coffee of most people during the hot summer days is the one prepared by the cold brew method. Preparing this coffee requires a little more time, but it is worth it if you like its taste and prefer cold coffee. Coarsely ground coffee is placed in a glass jar and poured with cold water, then left to extract for 12-16 hours. You can leave it to be extracted all day long, but we do not recommend leaving it longer than that, as it can become very bitter and lose its wonderful aroma. It is then filtered and ready for you to enjoy its beautiful, full flavor. Coffee prepared in this way is less acidic, so it can be more pleasant for people with heartburn and other stomach problems.


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There are many different ways to prepare your favorite beverage: using an espresso machine, cold brew, AeroPress, French press… etc. We can’t say that any method is superior to others because the taste of coffee that you like the most depends on your personal preferences. Each type of coffee comes with a unique aroma, strength, and overall experience that you may like less or more. If you are still not sure which cold brew method is your favorite, we suggest you try each one individually and decide which one you enjoy the most.