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3 Common Mistakes all Beginners Make in Video Production

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Are you starting your own videography business or are you currently working on a video production project? Whatever it is – we know it’s not easy, because there are so many things to pay attention to. The important thing here is not to worry, because videography is a skill that can be learned and in which you become better with practice. However, it is not a bad idea to get acquainted with some of the most common mistakes that all beginners make in video production so that you can prevent or eliminate them in your work.

 Bad lighting

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One of the most common mistakes that all beginners in video production make is shooting video with poor lighting. While this may not seem like something crucial, the truth is that in today’s world of advanced technology you can’t afford to have videos in which objects are not clearly visible or there are shadows all around them. Regardless of whether you use natural or powered light, you need to find a way to keep your object properly exposed and not obscure it.

Poor audio

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Do your videos have poor audio? Don’t worry, this is another beginner mistake you need to fix if you want to improve your work. In most cases, if the audio is not good, this cannot be changed in post-production, so you may be forced to record everything from scratch. Having a good microphone along with the one built into the camera can completely solve the problem. Inquire about the best microphones that are good enough for your needs and that will ensure that the audio in each next video is of optimal quality.

If you need professional help in order to improve your videos, we advise you to hire experts in video production and consult with them in order to understand in which direction you should change your work. Also, in case you do not have the desire to work on videography projects because you do not have enough skills, they can do everything for you.

 Shaky footage

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Shaky videos are definitely not fun to watch. If you feel like you can’t calm the camera while you’re shooting, it’s a sign that you need to focus on finding equipment, such as tripods and monopods. Keep in mind that post-production video stabilization is not possible in most cases, so if your video is shaky you will have to delete everything and record again. And we agree that this is not fun at all. So we suggest you think about it in time and find tools that will help you stabilize your camera while shooting and ensure you make a video that looks flawless.


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If you are a beginner in videography then you know how difficult it can be to get the perfect videos you imagined. Most beginners in video production make similar mistakes, such as recording bad sound videos, with poor lighting, and making shaky footage. With a little practice and the help of an expert, all these mistakes can be eliminated, and you will eventually become a true professional in videography.