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Is Stock Market Trading a Good Career Option in South Africa

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Whenever you are dreaming of big money and big success you probably imagine a scene on Wall Street or something from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Those guys seem to have it all and they do it with success, but is stock market trading such a viable career option.

Being a stock market trader takes a lot of learning, takes passion and takes setting aside your life for some time until you develop a viable trading strategy that will make this career your dream one. What is the stock trading at its core? The definition is that a stock market is a place where you trade shares of all the public listed companies.

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Now since the topic title is a bit specific, we will address the question is the stock market trading career a viable one in South Africa? Being a stock market trader anywhere is a good career option if you got the skill and knowledge for it. South Africa is no different and if you have any doubts about it don’t. There are a lot of other questions that arise from this, like is stock trading and the same, can you make a career of both forex and stock, and the most common one is – what time does the forex market open?

The answers for all these is very simple. As far as career goes there is a huge potential in both forex trading and stock trading. It depends on what suits you better and where you can control the game from better. When you are thinking about what suits you the best you need to know the main difference between these two. A stock market is a place where you trade shares of a company that is publicly listed, while Forex allows you to trade currencies. In both, there are a lot of choices and options and it will be best if you try your luck and see what suits you better.

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As far as careers go in South Africa and anywhere else, the answer again is yes. Some people left their regular jobs for forex trading or stock trading. As we already said you will need to learn a bit if you don’t have any prior knowledge, you will have t practice and eventually if you are willing enough you will make a decent career out of either one of these. You can also combine them, because why not, there is a big correlation between currency movements and the success of several huge companies. Where there is a big success there is a change in the financial state of all parties involved.

When it comes to time and the availability of both forex and stock market you need to know that most common stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq) are open every workday from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and they do not work on all major holidays. These two are the most famous ones and the bulk of trading is made there so remember these times. Forex is open 24/5 making it an OTC market or over-the-counter marketplace. There are 4 important forex markets worldwide – New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney and due to their geographical location, they make Forex what it is, a constant market that seldom sleeps.